Our first adventure pack, Guild of Dungeoneering: Pirate's Cove

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Bonus: if you preordered the base game before launch on July 14th you should now have received this expansion for FREE. Check your Steam or GOG account! If you didn't then worry not you can pick it up on Steam or GOG now.

Guild of Dungeoneering: Pirate’s Cove is the first Adventure Pack we have created for Guild of Dungeoneering. What’s included?

  • A new region of the world to explore with 21 new quests to take on, all set in a new watery cave tileset
  • Rescue 3 new classes of dungeoneer to adventure with: the Drunken Sailor, the H20mancer and the Swashbuckler.
  • Battle 29 new monsters including Merfolk, Giant Crabs, Three-Headed Monkeys and of course more pirates than you shake a wooden leg at!
  • Find 27 new equippable items like the Eye Patch, the Barrel O’ Rum, or the Newspaper Hat.
  • Listen to a brand new background track & 5 new musical asides from the Bard

This represents about one third more content compared to the base game.

Where do you find Pirate’s Cove ingame?

To find the entrance to the Pirate’s Cove region you need to first reach the Jungle in the main game. Once there you will find a Pirate’s Map that unlocks the new region.

The reason for this is that difficulty-wise the new quests and monsters are at the same tier as the rest of the jungle area. Think of these new quests as an optional extra area within the Jungle (that is about the same size again as the Jungle itself).

While adventuring in Pirate’s Cove you will have the opportunity to rescue the three new classes of dungeoneer to permanently unlock them for your guild. This is a change from how classes are unlocked in the main game (paying for them with gold).

If you have previously beaten the game and just want to check out the new quests straight away we’ve added a shortcut. When you start a new game simply choose the ‘Jungle Shortcut’ option and we’ll skip the whole Grasslands starting region and land you straight into the Jungle.

How does it tie into the existing Guild of Dungeoneering experience?

The idea of the Adventure Pack is to extend the entire Guild of Dungeoneering experience. It’s not just a standalone series of quests to take on. The main mechanism for this is all the new equippable loot you can find.

All of the loot included in Pirate’s Cove can be found anywhere in Guild of Dungeoneering, not just in the new region. We’ve split up the Pirate’s Cove loot between all the existing Guild upgrades that add loot, plus thrown some of them into the starting loot deck. So you will be finding new Pirate’s Cove loot throughout your game, unlocking new pieces as you unlock loot upgrades for your guild.

For example this is the Steel Anvil upgrade which unlocks four new items in the base game. If you have Pirate’s Cove installed a further two are added.

Show us some of the new classes!

Sure thing! First the Drunken Sailor. Their defining feature is the new ‘Rum’ trait: the first time they reach exactly one health in each combat they will swig their rum and heal themselves for two. This is an interesting twist because you want to reach exactly one health to avail of it, which can be risky!

Their starting deck also has a couple of attacks that do self-damage. Turn this disadvantage into a way of triggering Rum exactly when you want it to be successful with the Drunken Sailor!

What about the H2Omancer? This magic based class uses a new battle mechanic called Recycle. The H2Omancer’s cards have self-recycle, but you’ll also find some enemies that cause you to recycle as part of their attacks. A recycle makes you discard a card at random but lets you draw a bonus card to replace it. It can be bad (losing a key card you need to win the next turn) or good (turn that stupidity card into something good, or to dig through your deck for your power cards quicker).

The H2Omancer also has a ‘High Tide’ trait that interacts with the recycle ability. Whenever you have 4 or more cards in your discard pile the enemy you are facing gains the ‘Predictable’ trait, letting you see the card on top of their deck that they will be playing next turn!

I’ll leave the details of the third class you can find in Pirate’s Cove, the Swashbuckler, as a surprise for you. I will say if you enjoyed the Bruiser’s playstyle you’ll also like the Swashbuckler!

Thanks again for your continued support and we hope you enjoy this new content!
Colm Larkin

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