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Building Up Your Guild

Published on 27th May 2015 by Colm | Comments Off

Hi folks!

Just wanted to show you guys a little bit from the Guild side of the game as til now we've been so focused on the Dungeoneering side.

The whole metagame / strategic side of things is about your guild. You get to upgrade it by using the spoils of successful (and unsuccessful) dungeoneering by your hapless heroes. How you specialise your guild is up to you though. There are three main branches of upgrades: Might,Magic, and Loot. Might and Magic both give you new character classes and special blessings with a general theme of physical vs magical styles. Loot on the other hand tends to unlock more equipment your dungeoneers can find in dungeons, so it's quite different.

Click for bigger

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A lot of upgrades give you new rooms for your guild! These can be placed anywhere you like so how your guild looks is up to you. We tried to make the guild look quite distinctive compared to the usual dungeons. What do you think?

Wait.. is that a mime!?

Wait.. is that a mime!?


There's also some special rooms you need to earn: the Graveyard and the Trophy Room. It's very likely that by the time you finish the game your graveyard will have quite the collection of former dungeoneers.

So many dead. Not to worry we can hire plenty more!

Not to worry, we can hire plenty more!


And taking down bosses gives you a fun little keepsake in your trophy room!

Bravely stealing shampoo from bosses' treasure chambers.

Bravely stealing shampoo from bosses' treasure chambers.


Since your dungeoneers never permanently level up, how do you progress? Well it's all via levelling up your guild instead. Unlocking more powerful classes is how you get better dungeoneers (or in some cases, just differently specialised ones). I'm going to show off some of the character classes in more detail in the next update.

Also on the RELEASE DATE, stay tuned we should have an announcement on that very soon!