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Captains of Industry – a card game in a month

Published on 18th June 2013 by Colm | 2 Comments

During May I decided to make a physical card game for the One Game A Month challenge. Specifically I wanted to make a game that incorporates the totally sweet drafting mechanic. Drafting is where you deal each player a hand of cards and they pick one to keep and then pass the rest onto their neighbour, repeating til no cards are left.

Why are we all sitting in a row anyway?

As a mechanic it is both easy to grasp and strategically deep – as you become more familiar with the game you are drafting for you start to not only draft to get cards you want, but also to pick cards that you don't want your neighbours getting once you pass on your remaining cards. It's no wonder that such fantastic games as Ascension, Dominion and 7 Wonders all use drafting as a base. Read on to find out how I fared!

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