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Screenshots From The Past Year

Published on 1st February 2010 by Colm | 5 Comments

One great thing about working with version control (here at Gambrinous Towers we loveĀ Subversion – and so would you if you just gave it a chance) is that you can go back and look at snapshots of your game as it was in the PAST. And that's just what I've been doing recently, rebuilding older versions of the game prototype to look at all the delicious progress that's been made. And I've decided to share the screenshots with you! Enjoy!

Revision 11. It didn't do much more than you can see here.Revision 11. It didn't do much more than you can see here.

Here's the oldest build saved into our SVN repository, from November 2008, representing the first few weeks of getting my head around Flex and tiling. There was no animation or smooth scrolling yet, the little guy just jumped around on screen as you clicked on a target space.

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