Cardpocalypse now on Steam plus DLC Out Of Time just released!

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Cardpocalypse is now available on Steam!


We have also just launched a brilliant new DLC called 'Out Of Time'. Get stuck in a time loop in this standalone adventure with Jess and friends!

Check out the wonderful trailer:

This is available now on Steam & Epic for PC players, as well as on Switch, PS4 and Xbox.

Thanks for your support, and remember to hop onto our Discord server if you want to chat with us:

Announcing Cardpocalypse!

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We have been working away on our new game Cardpocalypse for the last few months and I'm super excited to share our announcement trailer with you! I'm sure anyone who enjoyed Guild of Dungeoneering will also be excited by our new game. It's all about collecting cards, making best friends, and saving the world…

Check out the wonderful trailer:

Kudos to Tommy Buckley who composed the track in the trailer, and to Jason Paige who sang it. (You may know Jason's voice from the Pokemon theme tune!)

And there's some more info on the game right over here:

Looking forward to showing much more details of Cardpocalypse in future!

The List of Indie-Friendly Publishers, 2017 Edition

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I put together a list of indie-friendly publishers back in 2014 as I was pitching them on Guild of Dungeoneering.  I'm now once again shopping for a publisher for our second game so I've put together a new and updated list! I hope it helps anyone else looking.

My goal like last time is to find a publisher that can help promote & market our game (and front the money to do so), and on top of that this time I'm also looking for someone who will co-fund development. This is for a PC & console game, so mobile-only publishers have not been included. There's also a couple here that would be money-only rather than a regular publishing arrangement, like the Indie Fund and Jonathan Blow's offer.

Thanks to the everyone who helped me put this list together. If you have any suggestions to add to this list feel free to mail or tweet me!

Hiring for two positions: Game Designer and Writer

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** Note: applications for these positions have now closed. Thanks! **

Hi folks!

We are looking to hire two people to work on our next game: a Game Designer and a Writer.

This is a chance to join the award winning games studio Gambrinous as we embark on our second game making adventure.

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Guild of Dungeoneering – we want your feedback!

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Here at Gambrinous we'd love to hear from you if you have any feedback about Guild of Dungeoneering!

Here's how to reach us:

Twitter: @gambrinous
Discord: Gambrinous server
Facebook: Gambrinous page
Steam: forums

A real fan? Join up here

Also, if you'd like to be the first to hear about what we come up with next I'd recommend joining our email newsletter. I only send very occasional emails for big announcements. You can join right here:


Guild of Dungeoneering coming to your phone and tablet!

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Here at Gambrinous we've been busy creating the mobile version of Guild of Dungeoneering for the last age. The good news is that it's almost ready!

The dev team glad not to be in the dungeon themselves!

The dev team, glad not to be in the dungeon themselves!

Mobile Edition

This is a pretty faithful port of the PC version of the game. As it's all turn based and using simple controls it's been quite straightforward to make work on a touch screen. The only fiddly bit has been keeping things legible on phones, which has meant a redesign of a few screens.

We've got it running now on tablets AND phones, both iOS and Android. We aren't quite ready to announce our launch date but will do so quite soon.

In the meantime, we're planning a closed beta test so if you want to help out please fill out your details over here.

What else is coming?

We haven't forgotten about Trophy Trial mode – that's just been put on the back burner temporarily while we finish up mobile edition. We'll get back to that once we launch on iOS and Android. We've also started work on a new expansion pack, similar in size to Pirate's Cove. More news on that soon!

As always, a big thank you to everyone who's supported our game and made all of this possible!

Colm Larkin

Coming soon: the new Trophy Trial game mode

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We're working on a new way to play Guild of Dungeoneering called Trophy Trial. It's a special highscore challenge mode, completely separate to the existing campaign, and it will be a free upgrade for everyone who owns the base game. Want to know more? Read on!


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Our first adventure pack, Guild of Dungeoneering: Pirate's Cove

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Bonus: if you preordered the base game before launch on July 14th you should now have received this expansion for FREE. Check your Steam or GOG account! If you didn't then worry not you can pick it up on Steam or GOG now.

Guild of Dungeoneering: Pirate’s Cove is the first Adventure Pack we have created for Guild of Dungeoneering. What’s included?

  • A new region of the world to explore with 21 new quests to take on, all set in a new watery cave tileset
  • Rescue 3 new classes of dungeoneer to adventure with: the Drunken Sailor, the H20mancer and the Swashbuckler.
  • Battle 29 new monsters including Merfolk, Giant Crabs, Three-Headed Monkeys and of course more pirates than you shake a wooden leg at!
  • Find 27 new equippable items like the Eye Patch, the Barrel O’ Rum, or the Newspaper Hat.
  • Listen to a brand new background track & 5 new musical asides from the Bard

This represents about one third more content compared to the base game.

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Guild of Dungeoneering is OUT NOW

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That's right! Get your dungeoneer on RIGHT NOW via Steam, GOG or Humble. There's also a press release here.

We also have a wonderful new trailer for you to enjoy. And yes, that song IS in the soundtrack included in the Deluxe Edition.

It's been an incredible two year journey putting the game together and I'm very proud of what we've built. I sincerely hope you all enjoy it!


Thank you everyone for all your support!

What's Next?

We're going to keep working on Guild of Dungeoneering. We have plans for new features, some DLC, ports, lots of things. I'll be sharing a roadmap of our goals very soon.

A note on the Mac version

We ran into a problem at the very last minute with our Mac build so unfortunately we've had to delay it. We're working on it right now and will have it up as soon as we possibly can. More info here.

Adventures, Quests, and the Campaign Map

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Today I want to talk a bit more about the thing you do the most in Guild of Dungeoneering: send out your expendable minions valued guild members on Quests!

Time For An Adventure

You start the game with a tiny guild and a single loyal follower, the Chump. And there's just one Adventure available, which is a pretty easy one that acts as a nice introduction to the game. Adventures are places you can send your dungeoneers to try and tackle Quests. Most adventures feature a series of quests you need to tackle in order, though there are some that just have a single quest. The final quest in an adventure is always a boss battle.

Here's what the world map looks like when you just have that introductory adventure to attempt.

Cloudy with chance of tutorial.

Cloudy with chance of tutorial.

As soon as you beat this first adventure, taking down your first boss, you unlock three further adventures. So from now on you have a bit of choice about which ones you want to try next. And as you beat these ones, more unlock!

OK that's more like it!

OK that's more like it!

Always Be Questin'

Click on any adventure icon on the world map and you get to see the current quest for that location. Multi-part adventures should be revisited after each victory until you beat the boss and clear the adventure. Here's that starting adventure… of course since it's your first task we couldn't resist sending you off to deal with some rats!

Seriously? Rats??

Seriously? Rats??

This is also where you select which of your dungeoneers to send on the quest, and of course where you pick a blessing. Blessings are part of the unlock system – make sure to unlock at least one early on. They give your dungeoneer a bonus for that particular quest run.

Here's an example of a multipart adventure before you beat the first Quest and then just before taking on the final boss Quest.

Embro! I remember him from the playable alpha!

Embro! I remember him from the playable alpha!

Time for revenge, Embro!

Time for revenge, Embro!

So How Do I Win Again?

Within any particular quest you'll see your objectives at the top right. Sometimes they are simple, like this one where you just need to kill any three monsters (with some rats pre-provided).

Please, no more rats!

Please, no more rats!

Sometimes they are a bit more involved. Here we need to steal the Orb of Nosiness, which is protected by that scary looking Eye Beast. And to make it worse we only have 8 turns before he turns us to stone!

Just how nosy can you be without a nose?

Just how nosy can you be without a nose?

Exploring The Campaign Map

As you plunder your way through the campaign map you will get to explore new regions. At first you'll do your questing in The Grasslands, but once that's thoroughly looted you'll get to try the Azca Jungle:

Jungle Fever!

Jungle Fever!

Each region has it's own unique tileset when you are questing there. Check out this sweet jungle action!

Try and get them alone!

Try and get them alone!

Woah! A two-headed ettin, right behind you!

Woah! A two-headed ettin, right behind you!

Our third region in the game is the Dwarven Mines, which is full of nasty contraptions.

So. Much. Adventure.

So. Much. Adventure.

Doesn't look that masterful to me!

Doesn't look that masterful to me!


And of course we have a finale adventure once you've battled your way through all three regions. I won't spoil it for you!